Dimensional Outdoor Sign

Task: Create a 5’x5’x10’ advertisement to show at an outdoor faire.
Solution: A bench with shade, and messaging on the floor. People are more receptive when they’re less hot and tired.

Logo & Website

Hand-coded HTML & CSS, with a Drupal backend.

The site is user-run, so the interface design and copywriting needs to guide and encourage people to be their best selves.


When people upload games, they’re guided to properly credit their teammates. Before this system, people just rattled off first names; now, they list full names (if appropriate), contributions, and links to people’s profiles.

People are helped to give clear and concise descriptions of their games. Players are more likely to actually read the description and play the games.

Members can choose whether they want to be identified by their real name or their preferred alias.

Profile pages let people list all the games they worked on, even the ones uploaded by their teammates.

The end result is that members can be proud of how they’re reflected.

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